1. Positive Thinking

    Once upon a time there was a girl who always feeling sorry for herself. Every time something bad happened to her she grumbled and dwelt on it until the next bad thing happened.

    One day she was in her garden planting weeds when she bothered a bee on a wildflower. It flew up to her and stung her on the bum. The girl screamed in pain and shouted “only bad things happen to me!”

    She continued gardening, grumbling about how painful her bee sting was while she worked. The girl was so preoccupied with her grumbles that she didn’t notice a snake basking in the sun near her. She frightened it by her digging too close to it and the snake bit her. The girl screamed in pain and shouted “only bad things happen to me!”

    She continued planting, complaining about the bee sting and the snake bite.  There was a family of foxes playing nearby, and when she came too close to them, they jumped at her and nibbled her ankles. The girl screamed in pain and shouted “only bad things happen to me!”

    She stopped her work and lay in a patch of stinging nettles, crying out about the bee sting, the snake bite, the fox nibbles and the stinging of the nettles.

    Then Positive Thinking, in all of her splendour, kicked the girl in the stomach. “Stop your grumbling and complaining!” Positive Thinking said. “The bees in your garden pollinate your plants so they grow fruit, and make honey that you put in your tea. The snakes keep bugs from eating your weeds. The foxes scare away bunnies that may come and eat your favourite foods. AND! The stinging nettles are very nutritious if you cook with them or make them into tea!”

    By explaining why the girl was blessed, and showing her all the things she had to be grateful for, the girl forgot her troubles and was happy form that day on. 

  2. This is an animation of a fairy I made for the Kalos Eidos project at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche http://kaloseidosnuit.tumblr.com/

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    I put all the comics from being home in one place, three long image files, as usual.  Click to read:




    I am sad to leave again, like a lot of us are when we go from where we came from.  I hope that my family times give you a chuckle, and that your family is well.  I hope to heaven that your family doesn’t talk about butts as much as mine does.